Monday, October 10, 2005

A million times, Thankyou...

It's never too early or to late to start thanking people. This incredible journey is only at the halfway point and already there's so many people to thank;

If you're reading this, chances are that we've spoken face to face about this adoption and both Ron and I have been overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and encouragement and really want to thank everyone for the kind words. We expected some of you to be happy, some to be a little surprized and some to be wondering if we should be medicated!

While everyone has been so positive and so enthusiastic, there's a few people I would really like to give special thanks to:

My dearest friend Jennifer who really understands where my heart is and knows how long this dream has been brewing. Thanks for listening to me babble endlessly about this journey and for all the great advise and knowing how to settle my nerves when I get unsure of something along the way. Thanks also for all the baby/kid stuff you've already collected and given to us and for the books that have already answered a million questions.

To Angela & Anthony for the tons of baby suff that Isabella has grown out of. Wow - our daughter will be very well dressed for a long time. How very kind of you to share this stuff with us. It will all be well used!

To my hockey friend, Michelle for the crib that needed a new home. It's just waiting for Olivia to be in it!

To Sharon who really planted the 'China' seed with a simple photograph.

To Kathy whose words of wisdom helped us to see some things in ways we may not have otherwise. Those things helped us to realize that this was a path we simply had to follow.

To my mother who, 13 years after her passing, continues to guide and teach me through the examples she set. I'll know I'm successfull as a parent if our daughter thinks that I'm half the parent that you've always been. Thanks Mom, for watching over our little girl until she's home with us. I'm glad you're getting your wish too.

We have been truly blessed with such a great circle of friends, family and co-workers and want all of you to know how much your support and encouragement means to us. Thanks so much - we look forward to sharing the rest of this journey with you and we can't wait to share the news of our little one as soon as we can. Hugs, Val and Ron